Goals & Objectives

During your PICU rotation, you are expected to:

  1. Learn to recognize the presence or potential for critical illness in children.
  2. Learn to stabilize and to develop treatment plans for all medical patients admitted to PICU.
  3. Learn to assess and to develop supportive treatment plans for patients with major surgery or trauma admitted to PICU.
  4. Observe (and possibly participate in) basic invasive procedures that are sometimes necessary for critically ill children.
  5. Learn the basics of intensive care monitoring, assisted ventilation, and hemodynamic support.
  6. Learn the basic pathophysiologies and management strategies for common organ system derangements and admission diagnoses found in the PICU.
  7. Learn indications for PICU admission and how to disposition PICU patients.
  8. Gain experience applying pediatric advanced life support.
  9. Understand essential critical care concepts and skills sets tested on general pediatric boards.
  10. Learn correct interpretation of laboratory findings and use them to help guide patient management.