Presenting Assisted Ventilation

Non-invasive positive-pressure ventilation


  • Mode: BiPAP or CPAP
  • PIP (if BiPAP), PEEP
  • FiO2
  • Any back-up rate

Invasive conventional mechanical ventilation

Always report set parameters first, then measured parameters. Think of parameters as those that affect ventilation and those that affect oxygenation. (This makes it easier, though in reality these overlap.)


  • Mode: Volume-control (SIMV/VC or VC+) or pressure-control (SIMV/PC)
  • If a volume-control mode, report
    • Set tidal volume (Vt) is ___ cc/kg, rate of ___, giving PIPs of ___ and exhaled Vt’s of __ cc/kg.
    • PEEP is ___ and FiO2 is ___.
  • If a pressure-control mode, report
    • Set PIP is ___, rate is ___, i-time is ___, giving exhaled Vt’s of ___ cc/kg.
    • PEEP is ___ and FiO2 is ___.
  • On these settings, the most recent (type of) blood gas is pH / PCO2 / PO2 / HCO3 / base
  • Report alternate (e.g. venous) gas if available.

Interpret gas

  • respiratory / metabolic
  • acidosis / alkalosis
  • acceptable / needs intervention