Active Research Projects

PI: Charlene Pringle

Development and Validation of a Nutrition Screening Tool for Critically Ill Children

Multi-center phase II validation of a novel screening tool for malnutrition in critically ill children.

PI: Shruthi Mahadevaiah

DOSE trial: Dexmedetomidine Opioid Sparing Effect in Mechanically Ventilated Children

Multi-center RCT.

PI: Charlene Pringle

Pediatric TBI Repository

The overall goal of this study is to create a pediatric TBI biorepository that will serve as a platform for a systematic, multimodal assessment of severity and outcome at the University of Florida.

PI: Torrey Baines

PERSEVERE (Genomic analysis of pediatric systemic inflammatory response syndrome)

Multicenter study including patients 1 months to 10 years of age admitted to the PICU with SIRS or sepsis. The purpose of the study is to determine if outcomes in pediatric sepsis are influence by any specific genetic makeup of the individual.

PI: Charlene Pringle | Sub-I: Manuel Viamonte


Large case series of pediatric patients with hypertensive encephalopathy aiming to better describe risk factors and correlations.

PI: Maria Kerrigan

Music for delirium management in pediatric critical care

Prospective, interventional study assessing impact of music on development of ICU delirium.

PI: William Bortcosh

High-Fidelity Simulation Training for Parents of Medically Complex Children

Single-center, non-randomized prospective trial implementing simulation training for parents who will be discharged from the PICU with a child with a new tracheostomy.

PI: Desiree Machado

Blood product utilization in pediatric ECMO

A before and after study after standardization of transfusion practices.

PI: Natalia Martinez-Schlurmann

PICFLU (Influenza vaccine effectiveness for preventing lab-confirmed severe influenza associated illness in US children)

Multi-center prospective study through PALISI network, funded by CDC.

PI: Charlene Pringle

nTBI (Nutrition and Pediatric TBI)

Retrospective review of the impact of timing of enteral nutrition on short and long-term outcomes after TBI

PI: Charlene Pringle

EN vs dexmedetomidine and NIV (Impact of enteral nutrition on dexmedetomidine usage in critically ill children requiring NIV)

Retrospective convenience sample comparing sedation requirements of children acutely requiring NIV with and without enteral nutrition